Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The boys joint birthday party - Paint fight party

In September both my boys have birthdays.
I decided to throw a bit of a join bash for them and then on their special days we would have cake and special dinners.

I had heard about paint fight parties at a local place.
I was keen to try.
We invited both the boys kapahaka groups. Plus friends and family.

It was wetter than I thought.
The big kids loved it.
The smaller got a bit over it fast.

If I was to do it again I would only do bigger kids.
It wasn't quite what I imagined.
But it was fun.

The kids loved being able to get the adults.
I loved being able to be silly.

I won't share many pics because there are so many kids that are not my own in them.

I made four different flavoured cupcakes.
And sugar cookies.
(sorry crap photos)

I kinda loved my cupcake flavour labels. 

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