Saturday, August 4, 2012

I am

I am feeling restless.
I am feeling tired.
I am feeling like I need change.
I am feeling like I need structure.
I am feeling a little all over the place.

I am finding it hard to focus on things.
I feel a bit out of sorts. Not bad. Just not quite settled.

I am thinking a big old spring clean is in order. I need to freshen up the place. 
I love changing up spaces and making them feel fresh and new.
I want to make a bit of a weekly schedule for myself to base my weeks on. With time sorted for the things that really need special time put aside.

Lately I am seeing so much beauty around me. I am noticing spring showing it pretty little head.
I am breathing in the air a little deeper, and getting seasonal allergies to boot.
I am sitting in my room in the evenings and enjoying the dusk for a just a bit. Reflecting on my day.
I am seeing changes in my little ones and wondering how I can best meet their needs.
I am loving how wonderful and deep my friendships are feeling. I am loving working harder at being a good friend.

I am feeling so content on one hand, yet lost and wandering on the other.
Maybe its a good thing. It happens to me every so often and I seem to always turn it into a time for self reflection. Maybe I need to feel lost so I can find my place again. HA look at me solving my own problems.

So I am going to do a little spring cleaning, rearranging, purging in some spaces. 
I have already fixed a few easy to do things that were bugging me, a door hinge, a curtain rail that needed put back up. Amazing how doing little niggling jobs can make you feel like you have achieved.

I am dreaming and planning for some outdoor areas, prepping the vegetable garden, planting some flowers. I have been weeding a lot this week.

We are all a little tired today as we had friends over for a movie party last night. It was fun.
I then stayed up and watched New Zealand win some Olympic medals. YAH. 

These boys are my favourite.


Lara said...

love the shot of your fave. boys Lisi. Love your 'think alouds' on here. Things I think too, often, but don't share as eloquently as you have. Less than a month till spring.

Jenny Bardsley said...

Hi! This is such a great post because I think we all have those thoughts at some point! I'm your newest follower from the Naptime Review blog hop! From Jenny @