Sunday, August 12, 2012

Help me get organized. Please.

How do you keep yourself organized?

Right now I am failing a little in this area.
Studying, parenting, gym, running a house has me all a mess.

I have assignments and school work to keep track of.
School visits for a little boy.
Big kids kapa haka practices and competitions coming up.
Plus normal school homework, school events.
Cubs and fundraising for Jamboree.
Plus gym time.
Housework. Bills. Chores.
Grocery lists, menus.

I need a system to keep track of things better. So I don't forget shared lunches or practices. So I don't leave assignments to late. A bit of a weekly schedule planned out and a way to make notes of whats coming up.

I need to feel more on top of it all.

Do you have a system?

I think I need some sort of calendar or weekly planner on the wall or fridge I can write things on.

A diary? to make notes in (if I remember to carry it and write in it and check it).

A clip somewhere to hangs notices from. Bills from etc?

I was looking at free printables online and there are many but I don't have a printer. I guess I could save a file and just go to print place and print enough to last a few months?

I would also like a template for blog post ideas or weekly plans.

So I ask, how do you keep on top of all this kind of stuff? What has worked for you or has NOT worked for you? Help a girl out.



Jasmine said...

I have a family diary that sits on our bench, and a different coloured pen for each person, so when I take a glance at it, I roughly know who has something to do on that day. Beside the diaary, I keep a basket that has a pens, address book calculator, etc, and also a little notepad where I write the bills and when they are due on it and I tick them off as I pay them. Also a calendar helps! Also one last thing.... this printable here is my lifesaver!!!

Michelle said...

I use a diary. I have a list of things I must do, things I need to do but I'm allowed to move to the next day and then optional things. I highlight what I must do. I like that I can choose and mix up the other things. I use to hate diaries but then I had no choice but to use one because of uni and work. I keep it in my handbag. I use the pomodoro technique for cleaning.

Catherine said...

OOh that sounds all very organised! We write lists & plans & then still get in a muddle BUT a good old fashioned blackboard with big colourful printing & a duster has done wonders recently : )

Lara said...

Family calendar - space for each members events and committments & I found Fly Lady to be a lifesaver in the past (when studying full time and 3 babies).

Candice said...

If you figure it out please pass it along. I still can't get a handle on it.


Kristina said...

Following from Mom's Monday Mingle!

Great to "meet" you

Please come by & say Hello if you haven't already. (And follow back) :)