Thursday, July 19, 2012


Today something happened that was unexpected.

I checked my mail and there was a little package.

I was not expecting anything.

I didn't recognise the name on the back of it.

It was clearly from a person not a business.

I opened it to find a little book I recognised at once.

Recently I put a pic of the book up on my blog here as it was perfect for that blog post and I adored it.

With the book was a little letter.

From a blog reader.

I write this little blog because I love blogs. Because I like to capture a little of myself and my children.
I find the process of the writing, the remembering, the talking of things I love so relaxing, comforting and a little like therapy some days.

My blog is a little blog. I don't have a big following and I am still surprised I even have the few people who make regular comments and share this space with me. So to get a letter from someone I don't know, who reads my blog, who took the time to buy me that book, to send it to me touched me greatly. Its a moment I will always remember. A book I will treasure and a letter that will be keep.

So thank you Jaimee. You made my day.



Michelle said...

That is so sweet :) How did she (or he?) get your address?

Alisa said...

Turns out we have a mutual friend (on FB and a pinterest group) who gave it to her.

Such a nice surprise.