Friday, July 20, 2012


Washi tape. I love the stuff.

I have been scrapbooking a little lately.
Loving the time remembering over old photos. Enjoying the cutting and pasting and layering.
Loving that I am pretty much done up until the Zeke's birth. Only almost 5 years behind *ha*.

I am so grateful for the joy I get from scrapbooking.
I hope one day my kiddos will get lots of joy from them also.
But if nothing else I get to remember, and treasure memories in my old head while I make these albums.

I keep my pages pretty simple these days. I cannot afford to buy lots of products so I buy things I know I can get multiple pages from.

I like to buy full paper ranges when I do so I have lots of pages and extras that coordinate.

I buy most of my product from the scrapbook outlet website (and I am excited the lady behind that site is opening a real life store this year in my town).

Another lovely friend Tracy from inside the scrap heap blog is opening a store in her home town plus a website soon also. I'm so excited for her new adventure.

I might need to invest in a few new goodies from these ladies soon.


Lara said...

I don't enjoy the cost either, white cardstock and a 6 x 6 paper pad go a long way when you add a little glue & ink! Washi tape is just that little bit of creativity and colour without the expense. I too enjoy the process of creating pages to record the kids & my memories. Long may you enjoy it!

Stace said...

Your pages look amazing!!!! havent tried washi tape yet, I only just learnt what it was and call me insane I didnt even no about that scrapbooking place!!!!!! maybe one day when we both pluck uo the courage we can do some scrapping together :)

surabhi said...

I love your pages...simple yet so beautiful.. I have't done much scrapbooking but this is one thing in my to learn/try lists. Found you through Monday Mingle hop and I'm loving whatever I have read so far...will definitely check out some more posts now...I'm your newest follower now and hope you can visit my blog whenever you get a chance to...