Friday, February 24, 2012

Little things making me smile

I love her bed corner. I love the cushions (one missing for cleaning), the bunting, the st sign photos on the wall, I LOVE her duvet cover.

I love making their spaces a little special, a little them, comfy and fun.

Today I made her an organizer for all her hair bits and bobs. I am a total McGyver sewer and its totally imperfect.. but I like it, she loves it... That my friends = a WIN.

Whipped up two new headbands today for her too.

How my coffee table looks right now.
Alot of drawing happens here so I figured just make it where the jars of pens/crayons belong (well this is only half the pens etc but the rest are not in cute jars.. lol)

My latest fav.. Person on the left... Dinosaur on the right... that dinosaur just kills me.

Starbucks dates with my boy.


Angela Noelle said...

OOoo, do you think it's possible to get jar-clucky? Mason jars do that to me.

Stacia said...

That is a lovely little girls room you have there, I really love the hair organizer too. And yes the jars, sometimes I wonder if I am strange for enjoying looking at jars filled with colored pens, so it's nice to know I am not alone :)

Alisa said...

Mason jars are my favourite... and yes I get jar envy BIG TIME. They are so useful... and IMO pretty. Thanks for popping by.

PaisleyJade said...

Love your style - especially the bunting!!