Saturday, February 4, 2012


The week of key drama.

On Tuesday we pick up the Zeke at 5pm.
We walk home.
Gabe asked for the keys so he could walk ahead of us and unlock the house.
I get there moments later and the keys are.....
I always meant to get a spare key cut to hide somewhere or give to someone in case of emergency.
But I never did.
We tried to get them down.
We couldn't.
After several phone calls (yah cellphones).
I got hold of my mums partner... told him the story.
He arrived with a ladder and saved the night.

On Friday I did errands in town and called into my mums for a cuppa.
I got home at lunchtime.
I had lost my key somewhere while I was out.
I wasn't sure what to do.
I tried all the windows.
There was a small up high window open.
I figured maybe I could squish a kiddos through after school.
I didn't want to break a window if I could help it.
I called into a friends house and waited.
I got home, decided to something under the window for us to climb on.
Then wondered if I could reach through the top window and possible unlatch the bottom window.
I could.
I popped the Zeke through the window and got him to unlock the back door.

I now know i need to get a key cut... asap.
No more key dramas please.

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