Thursday, February 23, 2012

How we speak to our kiddos.. How grocery shopping made me think

Picture not at all related but I do love finding nicely arranged toys.

Yesterday i was doing the grocery shopping.

There was a lady and her child a little in front of me around the shop.
The boy was 8-10 I would say. He was pushing the trolley.
Now I am sure the mother was more than likely having one of those days, and I know for a fact I have them too.

But the way she was talking to him around the shop was eye opening, I listened. I learned.

I know that sometimes I get a bit like this, no patience, no kindness in my voice, bossy, mean, short tempered. I could kinda get where she was at, she wanted this job done and out of there, she wanted her son to be able to read her mind and do what she wanted him to do. I could get it. But hearing it... It made me really think about how we speak to our kiddos is so important. Its OK to be growly sometimes, its OK to not always be at our best, its OK to be human, but these little people we are raising are human too and words hurt, tone of voice can hurt.

From what I could tell this kid was behaving pretty well, I didn't hear him talk back or be rude, he seemed to me to be doing pretty good for a job that's boring as heck to kids.

I of course do not know the whole story and I am not judging but just saying that what I heard while strolling the aisles made me do some thinking about how I speak sometimes, about how I can do better and just to make more of an effort.

Im going to try and be less impatient.
Try to plan better so we dont have to rush things and I dont get gross when thing take to long.
I am going to take a deep breath before reacting with words.

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