Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How pinteresting - Heat marks off wooden furniture

I adore pinterest. Its amazing what I come across on there.

But yesterday I found a tip that made me excited.
A few years ago when I was moving I sat a bucket with warm water in it on top of a cabinet (with a couple of towels under it) while I was cleaning and when I removed the bucket.. alas.. big white heat mark..

I have been hiding it ever since.

Until yesterday



And weirdly what takes away the heat mark? More heat....
Set your iron on a reasonably hot setting with lots of steam. Put a few layers of fabric between iron and wood (I folded up a pillowcase) and iron away moving the iron around for about 15 second. If its not gone try a little more.

Now of course there might be exceptions to this trick.. maybe not on certain finishes? But I also tried it on a battered oak table with similar marks and it worked.

So pleased I do not have to have something placed over that mark at all times now.

Thanks Pinterest.

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