Sunday, January 15, 2012

What was I thinking? and to much stuff.

After coming home and the camping bomb exploding through my house, I then decided to move bedrooms around. What was I thinking?

I took the junk room (it was meant to be turned into a craft room when I took the Zeke out of that room to share with his brother but soon filled with all the junk from every room of the house. And I mean you could not walk across the room there was stuff piled everywhere).

Anyways... I emptied the room out and set up the Zeke back in his own room, sorted Gabe's room out, struggled doing washing from camping and having to dry it all in the drier as its raining here, cleaning dishes, chilly bins, shoes and toys from camping.

I am now left with piles of "stuff" in my room, piles of "stuff" in the back hallway, camping stuff and Christmas decorations in the laundry (and the main Xmas tree is still up...what the heck!!).. its crazy. I walk through my house and wonder why/how/when did we get so much stuff.

We plain and simple have to much stuff, and alot of it we don't use,
In some areas of the house I am really organised. But in others I still hoard and overkeep.
I am determined to get this stuff sorted, organised and in order.

I have alot of stuff that has been collected and kept with certain projects in mind. Its now time to put up or shut up... projects must be completed or the stuff must go.

Expect some posts about completed projects very soon.

But all this has made me think more about what I am buying, what I bring into my home. Its been something I have been putting more thought into for a year or two now and I need to make some real changes.

I want to reduce clutter so maybe sticking with the rule of when I bring something in something else must go out of the house.

I want to continue to buy vintage/thrift store goodies apposed to cheap department store stuff as cheap stuff never lasts as well as quality vintage and isn't as cute.

I want to be careful with what I buy my children. Less toys.

Regularly clean out things and donate/giveaway things as soon as we no longer need them rather than letting them build up.

Really force myself to think.. Do I need this? Do I LOVE this? before buying things.

I feel much more at peace in my home when its organised. I love when I can walk into a room and love how its set out and things are displayed.
My mission for the next month is to sort all this stuff out and be brutal.
Of course also to finish some projects.


Kendra said...

I am a organizational nutcase! It just brings peace to see everything in it's place!

Alisa said...

I am working on getting more like that. I always feel more settled when my house is in order.