Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Booklove - Vampire Academy

So I finished the 5th book in the series last night.
I loved it, I kind of hoped for more or Dimitri and Rose action BUT I also appreciate that this part of the story had to be told and I am sure #6 will have more of them (since its the last book of the series and all). The thing that got to me was the ending. SO sudden, so quick. I appreciate its a bloody good cliffhanger BUT I was so into the book the sudden ending left me feeling kinda sad.

When I read a book especially a good book I get totally and emotionally lost in the book I escape into another world. SO I take on the emotions etc of the book I feel the feelings and really get into it so when the book ended like it did I was still left with all the feelings from the book.
I am totally bummed I have to wait 6months for the last book. BUT was quite excited when I read Richelle Mead is going to write another VA series based on some of the other characters. YAH roll on 2012.

I have a stack of books to read so time to take myself into another world.